Images will be provided on DVD and will include full resolution images and ones resized for web sharing. You will receive print rights for the images and can make as many prints as you want from them. However, please contact me for any color modification or edits to the photos themselves. I will be happy to do these for you!

1-9 images: $25 each.


10 edited images from online gallery (chosen by you*): $200
20 edited images from online gallery (chosen by you*): $250
30 edited images from online gallery (if available, chosen by you*): $300
50 images from online gallery (if available, chosen by photographer): $450


*In the proofing gallery, the 10, 20 and 30 image packages are chosen by you.  In the proofing gallery, go to one of the photos you want.  Add the package of your choice to the cart.  Once you can see the cart total update to reflect the package, add the Edited High Resolution Image option for every images you want in the package . For example, if the package in your cart contains 10 images, when you add the 10 separate images to the cart, the cart price will not change because that is included in the package. However, if you added an 11th image to the cart, the dollar amount will increase by $25, the price of an individual digital image since the package only includes 10 images at that price.  If you remove the package from the cart, the items that were a part of the package will now be billed normally because they’re no longer in a package. For the 50 image package only, just add the image package to the cart and I will select the images in the package.  Additional images added to the cart once the 50 images package is in the cart will be charged at $25.  Please call me at 970-201-5765 if you have any questions.